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Arthur Blaer (1976) specializes in Immigration, Administrative, and Civil Law (namely, Contract, Corporate, and Banking Law, defamation claims, consumer protection claims, violation of intellectual property claims).

Mr. Blaer graduated from the College of Management School of Law (cum laude). Prior to obtaining his attorney license, he served as an assistant professor in multiple required and elective courses at the University of Haifa, Carmel Academic Center, and the College of Management. He completed his internship at the Department of Commercial Disputes at M.Seligman law firm in Tel-Aviv and previously served as an assistant of the Tel-Aviv District Judge.

Mr. Blaer provides regular consultations in Hebrew and Russian on the large legal portals. Mr. Blaer fluently speaks Russian, Hebrew, and English.

12 Abba Hillel Silver Road, 9rd Floor, Sasson Chougi Building

Ramat Gan, Israel 5250606

Tel: 03-7506474

Fax: 03-7525175

E-mail: arthur@i-lawyer.co.il

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